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I am a happy person because I do what I love. Nobody taught me to draw, I draw only for inspiration.

I am inspired by beautiful places, wonderful people and there are a lot of them! I don’t like to give names to my works, because I don’t want to push people into my thoughts, my attitude.


Another person can understand in his own way the meaning of the book he has read, and even more so, the composition of visual art, in which many different meanings can be discerned.

I would like everyone who looks at my paintings to see his own, a part of his life, his dream, fantasy or mood.

Enjoy life! She is beautiful, and miracles are possible in her, I know that for sure!! Be happy!

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Is a purposeful artist with a colorful imagination and a rich inner world. 

Oksana Domnitskaya-Brik

diplom oksana domnitskaya brik
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